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5 Tips To Help You Stay Fit This Fall

Fitness Solutions is a locally owned, Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment store, and has had the privilege of serving Residential and Commercial customers for over 30 years. We have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. We are here every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen. In our latest article, we discuss 5 tips to help you stay fit this fall. 

Fall is the perfect season to get back into a routine and re-motivate yourself after summer time ends. Here are 5 tips to help you stay fit this fall and achieve your fitness goals for the season.

1. Set Realistic Goals

Setting goals will help you stay focused and establish purpose in your fall fitness routine. Since large goals can be overwhelming, they should be broken down into steps in order to be achievable. For example, you may have a goal to run a 5K marathon, but you will need to break down this goal into specific steps that are manageable in order to be successful. To reach your end goal of running 5K, you will want to implement habits such as running and strength training a few times a week. 

Striving for consistency with your habits is crucial in working towards a larger goal. It can be helpful and motivating to write your goals down so you can refer to them as needed and adjust them if necessary.

2. Integrate Movement Into Your Life

Whenever possible, it is important to move your body. When forming healthy fitness habits, be sure to choose activities that you enjoy. Choosing activities that you enjoy increases the likelihood that you will stick to your habits as they will integrate seamlessly into your routine. 

These habits can be as simple as parking further away from your destination so that you must walk to get there, or opting to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Go for a morning walk to start your day on a positive note, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful fall scenery. On your morning commute, consider walking or biking before the cold weather sets in. When you are at work, make the most of your lunch breaks by taking a walk to refresh yourself - either alone or with a coworker. There are many ways to get your body moving this fall that already fit easily into your daily routine.

man biking to work to stay fit this fall

3. Invest In An Activity Tracker

A fitness tracker such as an Apple watch or Fitbit can help you stay committed to reaching your goals. These days, most fitness trackers allow you to view the progress of your friends and family in addition to your own, making it easy to engage in friendly competition. This is a benefit of having a fitness tracker that can be both motivating and fun.

If you are the kind of person who finds activity trackers distracting, you might opt to record your progress using a pen and paper. Whether you utilize a fitness tracker or paper, recording your progress can help you notice patterns and realize progress which can be motivating in reaching your fall fitness goals.

4. Have A Workout Buddy

Not only is working out with a friend more fun, but it is also safer than opting to work out solo. Having a workout buddy can be very useful in helping you remain consistent and motivated in your fall fitness routine, especially on the days where you do not feel like exercising. Create a schedule that works for you and your workout buddy and enjoy your workouts to the fullest!  

Workout ideas for you and your friend or partner may include meeting up for walks a few times per week, joining a local fitness class such as spin, or participating in a fitness bootcamp. Your dog also counts as a partner, so get outside and enjoy a walk with your furry friend a few times a week.

fall fitness routine woman walking dog

5. Rejuvenate Your Mind As Well As Your Body

Fall can be both a busy and stressful time, which makes relaxation so important for mental well-being. Wellness of the mind should be focused on just as much as the body. Some ideas to promote relaxation this fall include meditation, yoga, music or art classes, and epsom salt baths. In addition, challenge yourself to practice positive thinking and gratitude by writing daily in a journal to promote reflection and keep your mind on track. A healthy mind, as well as a healthy body, are necessary for total wellness.

woman meditating to integrate mindfullness into fall fitness routine

These are a few tips to help you stay fit this fall. Fitness Solutions is your destination for training equipment to help you improve your quality of life.

 Remember to Please Be Kind

At Fitness Solutions Saskatoon, our team is doing the best we can with what is available during these times. Unfortunately, we expect supply issues to last for at least 1 year, so we ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this with you and truly believe Fitness Solutions equipment is worth the wait. So please be kind to our staff and let’s remember ‘Fitness is not a’s a way of life.’ 

If you need help with your fitness goals, our team at Fitness Solutions is here to help you stay fit and healthy this winter. We take the time to ask you questions and go through all the details to find the perfect equipment for you. When comparing price versus quality, Fitness Solutions Saskatoon is your trusted local place to shop for home fitness equipment.