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Fitness Solutions & AAA Trampolines Carries Saskatchewan Made Trampoline

Fitness Solutions & AAA Trampolines Carry Saskatchewan Made Trampolines!

Are you aware we carry Saskatchewan Made Trampolines? 

For years, Fitness Solutions & AAA Trampolines, Saskatoon have sold CTM trampolines. Why? Because they are a high quality Saskatchewan made product that can be used and left out year round!  Made in Saskatchewan for our Saskatchewan weather!  

These are the same quality /same manufacturer as the trampolines used in the Apex Indoor Trampoline Park in Saskatoon.  

The quality of these trampolines is far superior in comparison to other brands you might see in the big box stores. The CTM Trampolines are handmade and manufactured using the very best materials to ensure a durable long lasting product that delivers performance bounce after bounce!

We carry four of the most popular sizes for residential backyards or indoor commercial use such gymnastic facilities:

In addition to this, if space isn't an issue, we also carry the CTM Goliath trampolines as well.

Setup and Delivery are available, along with financing options. 

Find out more on all trampolines we carry here!


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