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Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

by Polar
Price $144.95


The Polar FT4 watch helps you train within a specific heart rate zone as well as keeping track of the calories you have burned during your workout or throughout the day.

The Basic features of this Polar FT4 watch include the ability to automatically set up age-based heart rate zones with upper and lower heart beat per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate. The average and maximum heart rate of your training are displayed during your session as well as your current heart rate in beats per minute when you wear the heart rate monitor to work out. Also included is a graphical target zone indicator display which points out graphically the zone you are in during a training session. The heart rate monitor chest strap features the Polar OwnCode coded transmission which essentially means the wireless signals is coded to avoid crosstalk interference from other heart rate monitor devices.

Other features include a backlight, a date and day of the week indicator, dual time zone, the ability to display the text in multiple languages, the KeyLock feature that locks the buttons of the watch against accidental presses while you are training, a low battery indicator, time of day in 12 or 24 hour format, alarm with snooze, and water resistance to 30 meters.

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